Spaceship Enterprise

Last Friday, I had the priviledge of witnessing the Spaceship Enterprise make its final flight along the Hudson River, here in New York City.  Ok, to be fair, it never actually went into space, it was a prototype that NASA made decades ago.  Even though it never made it to space, it did fly around the skies of Southern California a couple of times.  Still counts, right??

After it was delayed a few days, due to bad weather (it was nasty last week), it finally took off.  Even though we were really busy at work, we all left the office to head to the West Side Highway to check it out.  We were early and had to wait awhile, in very windy and cold conditions, but the excitement in the air was all around us as people slowly kept showing up to witness this historic final flight, as well.  The shuttle finally came around the corner and flew by us, and, boy was it worth it!  The Spaceship Enterprise was mounted on top of a NASA owned 747 airplane amd flying at about 1500 feet (or so I was told).  How often do you get to see a spaceshuttle mounted on top of a massive airplane?   Not ever is (most likely) the correct answer!

Lola anxiously awaits for the shuttle…

Even though I never had any dreams and aspirations to be an astronaut when I was young and I have anunnatural fear of flying, I have to admit that I was awed by watching this spaceshuttle go by.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that brought out the kid in my me that should have wanted to go to space.  NASA put on this show for us, and one as well in Washington, DC  with the spaceshuttle Discovery, to mark the true end of an era — the NASA shuttle program has ended.  Now the plane has made a new home at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, in NYC, so I will be making a trip to actually see it up close and personal, and always remember when I got to see it first-hand, flying in the sky.