I just had my 5000th sale!!

Ok, I know I have been busy lately, but how could I miss the fact that I recently had my 5000th sale on Etsy??  My shirts really have gone through a major transition through the past few years.  The reason I even started making these shirts is because, back in 2007, I went to my very first Harry Potter convention (Prophecy 2007), all by my lonesome, and I wanted to wear some HP shirts, but I didn’t like anything that I saw online, so I decided to make some for myself.   I took myself to an arts and crafts store and bought me a t-shirt kit that was basically spongy letters that you dip in paint, and then press it onto the shirt.  I went to Target, and got some cheapo tank tops and stamped away!  These shirts are what I consider “1st generation Evie Tees”.

Months later, I joined up with a Harry Potter meetup group in NYC, and they were having a logo contest, and I asked my boyfriend at the time to make something, because he was crafty with the graphics, and he came up the crest that I use now use for my logo.  The design was rejected by the group, but I decided to have some shirts made with this design, so I had some tank tops made.  The quality wasn’t amazing, but I started to have the tshirt bug!  I went and ordered some screenprinting stencils, which was ok, but not really good for making more than a couple shirts at a time, but hey, I sold some of them anyway when I was at a Leaky Con the next year in Boston!  Fast forward a several months — me and the boyfriend break up, so I filled up my time with taking an actual screenprinting class with Peter at Polluted Eyeball.   I then went and got me a small printing press, that is bolted to my kitchen table, Evie Tees was born and the rest is history!  I now print tote bags, make buttons (just added another button machine to my arsenal), necklaces, earrings, keychains, pocket mirrors, and bookmarks.

Long story short — breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes, you need to busy up your time and end up with an accidental business out of it…

1st generation Evie Tees:

My first shirt made, but then I somehow mess up the back and stamp "What will Harry do?", instead of "What would Harry do?".

The corrected WWHD shirt.

My favorite of this set of shirts. I do love that Sirius Black...

I get crafty with the sharpie...

2nd generation Evie Tees:

A sampling of what you will find at Evie Tees today:

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