There are no coincidences in Doctor Who…

Last night, I was relaxing, watching some Doctor Who, on Netflix, sipping on some Chamomile tea from my K-9 mug, when what episode comes on next?  School Reunion with K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith!  Oh, what a happy coincidence!  But then again, this is Doctor Who we are talking about, there are no coincidences…  It was the first cuppa tea I have had in quite a while.

Isn’t this an awesome mug? AFFIRMATIVE.

I got these two mugs from a cute Etsy shop called Cheers 2 Geeks.  In this Etsy shop, you can find all sorts of great geeky goodness such as hand painted mugs, tote bags, Christmas cards (bought some of those last year!), shirts and more.  The main theme is Dr Who, but you will find some other fandoms mixed in there such as Game of Thrones.   As she suggests, do not put these mugs in the dishwasher!  My Tardis is quite faded because it was accidentally put it in.  I guess I just have to get another one (and buy one or two more while I am at it)…

find these mugs and many more at


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