I love you, Seneca Crane.

I feel that my new found love for Seneca Crane deserves it own little write up apart from my Hunger Games post.  For my first post on The Hunger Games, click here.

Baby, you can do whatever you want…

I watched this movie for the first time during the opening weekend (and just watched it again this past week), and I walked away from the movie thinking, “Oh my god, I have a massive crush on Seneca Crane!  Game maker extraordinaire, I LOVE YOU!!”.  I mean, really, should they be allowed to make the game maker so sexy??  I mean, he has designed an arena, aka, DEATH TRAP, to kill teenagers!  And yet, this is the movies, so I love him!  (kind of like my disturbing love for disgruntled TV doctors.  Yes, I am talking about you, Dr House and Jack Shephard).  When reading the book, you don’t even give him a second thought.  I blame the writers and casting people for this problem.  Also, the stylists for dressing him up so sexy fancy pants, with that absurd swirly beard (HOT), and his red and black outfits (DOUBLE HOT) offset by his striking eyes (TRIPLE HOT).   So, I left the theater eager to see more of him.  Naturally, the second I get home, I IMDB him, and look through his filmography to see whether I have seen him in anything, because I am still being haunted by those eyes of his, I just know I have seen them somewhere (and not just in my dreams…).  I am seriously acting like a teenager with a celebrity crush (cue Justin Beiber).  I scroll down and see American Beauty.  American Beauty??  And then it hits me – he is the guy with the video camera and the infatuation with a plastic bag!  DAMN!    What were once creepy eyes are now dreamy eyes.   What a difference a decade makes.  Come to think of it, I bought that movie on DVD years ago after I got my first DVD player (recently deceased. RIP), and I think I haven’t watched it since.  Time for a rewatch…

Who knew this creeper would end up being super sexy awesome pants??

In the book, you really don’t see Seneca Crane all that much, but then again, all those scenes with Seneca and President Snow and the game control room were all added as well, which I think was a great addition to the movie.  I loved these scenes between Seneca and President Snow, and the addition of the nightlock berries is such a nice touch.  I heard threw the grapevine that Suzanne Collins wrote the additional scenes herself.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but I am going to pretend that it is.

Is it wrong that I find this sexy?? He is only a year younger than me, so it’s ok…

My other favorite addition was the uprising in District 11 after Rue was killed.  I really felt that the movie lacked in emotional development between Rue and Katniss, before Rue’s death, but I was really moved by the actual death scene.  I don’t cry all that much during movies (no tears from me at the end of Titanic, but I was a flood gate at the end of City of Angels!), but I definitely had some tears in my eyes when Rue died.  The way they filmed and laid out the scene with Katniss singing to Rue as she died, and how she took her time to find the flowers to lay on her was beautiful.  Katniss was made vulnerable in this scene, as someone could have come up and killed her, but she doesn’t care.  She needs to do this for the girl who reminded her so much of Primrose.  And when she turns back and salutes the camera for all the Districts to see is such a powerful moment in the book and movie.  For them to show the uprising that takes place afterward, to me, was a powerful addition.  We hears that this happens in the book, but it takes place off camera (off paper?), so we don’t really get the impact of it.  Upon watching the movie again, this is still my favorite scene (well, favorite without Seneca Crane in it, that is).


Ok.  I am done squeeing and acting like a teenage girl (for now).
Thank you,
The Colorful Geek
(time to Netflix a bunch of his movies…)


  1. you are so freaking cute i cant stand it!
    you’re a patoots!

  2. I too have an unhealhy obsession with Seneca Crane-and am totally shocked that he is the guy from American Beauty. I loved that movie! And his character in it-but never made the connection. Cool.

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